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God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures. – Francis Bacon (1625) Essays ‘Of Gardens’

Gardens are cherishable grounds-sometimes by tending to our food requirements as kitchen gardens and other times by maintaining the definition of sheer aesthetics and being stress busters. As pleasurable as gardens seem in broad daylight, how satisfying would it be if they could be equally pleasing during the night time? Thus, comes the need to illuminate gardens at the night time.

Why illuminate?

Garden Illumination or Lightning is both important as well as a great practice to adopt. Having a graceful garden to admire that stretches to an extent during the day might get scarier or unsafe to venture out during the night. The duty of security and illumination in our gardens thus becomes critical. Proper installation of lights and illumination consequently assumes importance.  

Garden Lighting Dubai

As our beautiful city of Dubai dazzles at night time, our gardens should be equally vibrant to keep up as we illuminate for the world to see. You have come to the right place if you just googled tips for garden lighting Dubai.

Let’s understand how you can reveal your garden’s aesthetics via these six important garden lighting tips.

Kind of lighting:

We can employ Garden lighting in various forms such as Ambient, Task, and Accent lighting. Ambient lighting implies the hanging lights, post lights, and wall lights that generally are localized and illuminate a larger area with lesser intensity. Pathway lights, plus deck and security lights comprise the Task lightning that focuses typically on particular spots. Accent light includes floodlights that comparatively illuminate a large area effectively. 

While installing these lights in your gardens, please pay attention to their specific locations to bring garden aesthetics to light.

Position and placement of lights:

The position of lights is essential for creating better visibility, highlighting corner spaces, and allowing the truest garden aesthetics to prevail.

Paths, entries, driveway, steps, decks or patios, gazebos or arbors, and other architectural features in the outdoor landscape are the illuminable features of garden topography. Apart from these, illuminating water bodies such as pools and small waterbeds are excellent ways to add to the garden elegance. 

Aligning the lights to reveal the perfect inklings of structures can create magical outdoor scenarios.

The correct placement of lights also serves the purpose of illumination right by allowing you to enjoy the evening or late night strolls in your garden.

The number of lights and their intensity:

The number of lights and their intensity used in garden lighting is significant from two aspects. The foremost reason is to avoid glare, i.e., the stinginess of eyes in the presence of or while looking at extended or bright light sources. 

Besides ruining the garden aesthetics, these light sources can be blinding for the visitors and the inmates.

The second most reason is that t high wattage lights like floodlights will become uneconomical. So even if you’re unwary of garden aesthetics, the concern will drop in when the bills arrive.


Understand that the illumination will have a budget of its own-the installation cost followed by its operation and maintenance one. Having a well-architectured garden with blown-out lighting because you can’t afford to repair or maintain it can be a blot to your garden scenery. Instead, look for alternate lightings and lighting architecture that will have an equally charismatic appeal as well as fits your budget.

For instance, LEDs and Solar-charged bulbs are better alternatives to CFL bulbs concerning longevity and energy saving nature. These low-wattage bulbs also address electric safety concerns.

Besides reducing cost, employing low wattage instruments will reduce the sideways installation and maintenance of the parallel equipment like transformers and wires. It also alleviates the threat of any damage to the pedestals and outdoor structures adorned with these lights.

Explore your imagination: 

Apart from illumination, garden lighting must grant aesthetics. Look around or have a garden lighting expert decide that for you. If the purpose of lighting isn’t merely the visibility during the night time, there are ways to glorify your gardens. Everything can be woven around lighting to add to your garden’s overall charm, from the outdoor flora to your home’s architectural built. Illuminating the gazebos or the pergolas and the shrubs along the sidewalk will add a desirable appeal to your facility.

Control and Switches

While it is vital to establish lighting as a security measure, knowing you can control the lights remotely strengthens that belief. The beauty of your gardens handled at your comfort will, in this way, be satisfying as well. 

Besides, having a backup illumination and a periodic repair and maintenance check will ease any tediousness in the future while granting a sense of peace.

Thus, garden lighting is more of a responsibility of maintaining the aesthetic standards than its mere installation. That is why we exist. At Daisy Green Landscape, we offer services that tend to bring out your gardens’ potential aesthetics while making you feel in charge of designing its customized look to its easy maintenance. A garden that feels serene to look at, at any time of the day is what we aim to develop for you. Contact us today to know more about us.

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